Corporate Transparency Act Software for Law & Accounting Firms

Empower your clients to efficiently complete FinCEN Beneficial Ownership Reports with our FincenTec and FincenSent solutions.

Law & Accounting Firms

Beneficial Ownership Information Platform for Law and Accounting Firms, Filing and Formation Providers, and B2B Services.

As a reporting service, such as a law firm, accounting firm, registered agent, or online formation provider, do you aim to provide easy Corporate Transparency Act reporting to your clients and customers while staying compliant? Our solution can assist you.

FincenFetch for Firms and Filers has a unique capability of supporting high volumes of CTA reports, which can make it effortless for you to manage multiple filers from a centralized dashboard while automating the filings.

Complete BOI reports in a timely manner for each client. Our platform enhances filing revenue, ensures compliance for clients, and effectively manages reminders and any volume of filing at an affordable cost to your firm.

After January 1st, 2024, each and every company established is obligated to submit a report to FinCEN, failing to do so could lead to penalties. Your service is required to be acknowledged as a company applicant. Discover how FincenTec and FincenSend can simplify CTA filings for both new and existing customers.

Our solutions enable you to offer Corporate Transparency Act filings as a fundamental business service, either in-house or as an outsourcing option. Our comprehensive solution is designed to enhance your filing service, or refer filings for revenue sharing in accordance with your preferences. Partner with us to professionally manage your CTA filings service.

Please schedule a consultation with us to discuss effective utilization of your data and operations to tap into the $20B filing market. It is important to note that the Corporate Transparency Act necessitates over 95% of your customer and lead base to file reports by January 1, 2025. We can help you lead towards sustainable success in this evolving landscape.

FincenSent for firms and filers.

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